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WARMAHORDES is a portmanteau combining the titles of Warmachine and Hordes, two miniature war games produced by Privateer Press. Warmachine and Hordes are unusual in that, aside from the manner in which your leader interacts with his or her battlegroup, they are exactly the same game. It is entirely possible to play a Warmachine Army against a Hordes Army, and models exist can be part an army list for both.

This blog, currently under construction, will follow the progress of the Western Slope Warmahordes group.  For now, you can visit Privateer Press for more information on their games.


Beaten By a Dead Horse

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Recently I decided to explore the Dead Horse trail that branches off of the popular Hanging Lake trail in Glenwood Canyon.  In all honesty, “trail” is a term only loosely applied to Dead Horse – really, it’s a literal uphill climb through miniature rockslides and legitimate cliff faces.

Someone – I’m assuming a team of forest rangers – had the foresight to extend some really long, knotted bungee cords down the most difficult parts. Even with the bungee cord, a steep earthen sluice full of loose gravel isn’t the trail I expected. If the trip up isn’t tough enough, the trip DOWN consists of creating an avalanche and riding it down.


Back when I wrote outdoor columns for the Eagle Times in Claremont, N.H., I  frequently advised readers never to be too proud to turn around. After advancing  about two body-lengths up the side of a cliff, I took stock of my situation and decided to take my own advice.

PLUS: I have plenty of water. I’m not tired yet.

MINUS: I’ve already twisted my ankle. Nobody knows where I am. Getting safely  back down this cliff will be considerably harder than getting up it. If I break my leg  getting down this cliff, getting back down the first bungee cord will be even harder.

Without proper equipment, I rappelled down the side of the cliff using the bungee cord. I cut my hand up a bit, but I made it down. While rolling back down the rockslide in a mini-avalanche, I took a flying rock to the back of my leg  pretty hard.  Once again, I made it down in one piece. That’s about the only victory I can claim here.

This isn’t over, though. I need to do some research, then come back with a hiking buddy and a pair of gloves. The irony of being beaten by a Dead  Horse just doesn’t sit well with me.

Alright, Let’s GO!

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Hello! My name is Chris Warner. Welcome to my Expedition Blog, where I share my adventures in Colorado and beyond.  Naomi Warner and I have a tendency to wander off hiking trails, past warning signs and into …

… Whitewater Surges, …

… Steep Climbs, …

 … Cosy Cafés, … 


… Monstrous Miniatures Combat…


…and Other Things.

The most amazing thing about leaving the established trail is you never know what you’ll find. The goal of this blog is to turn whatever those findings may be into stories to share. Enjoy!